Kate Gwilliam is an embroidery designer and artist, based in Hertfordshire.

Having graduated from Falmouth University with a degree in Textile Design she has been focussed on the discipline of embroidery, design and technique.

After working in house for various companies she became a freelance designer in order to pursue her own design work alongside exciting projects.

She has worked as a freelance embroiderer for Alexander McQueen, Peter Pilotto, Jenny King and Cathryn Avison. She still designs samples for the embroidery and embellishment studio See + Quin.


More recently she has turned her attention to driving her own brand, creating contemporary embroidered decorative ornaments, fashion accessories and embellished vintage pieces.

Kate likes gin, wine and collecting all sorts of things, currently antique and vintage books on embroidery and nature. When she isn’t sewing or collecting she can be found playing a game of scrabble.


With her own impressive collection of sequins, threads and fabrics, Kate is always looking for ways to be more sustainable. From finding a sequin supplier that uses recycled PET for the manufacturing process to natural wool felt.  She hopes that eventually she will be able to use sustainable sequins in all of her products.

A lover of vintage pieces she gives new life to fashion through embroidery and is an ambassador for thoughtful fashion.

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All these wonderful decorations come in either a grey branded dust bag or perfect letter box sized gift boxes.

Order one of the sets and you'll automatically get a gift box. If you want to make any of your order an extra special gift you can request one.

When looking after your order check out the Care & love page for tips to keep all your sparkles shining for longer.

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