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How To Sew The Easter Egg Kit

Yes it is finally here! The newest kit on the block. Perfect for Easter, but also just a beautiful embellished egg ornament, almost like a Fabergé egg, but your own embroidered version!

Here are a few videos to help you to stitch them!

Step One.

Threading the needle, double thread, which is how I stitch all of my pieces. Then starting to fill the egg using the sequins. The large sequin in the centre, using the dots as a guide.

Step Two.

Continuing to fill the sequins in whichever colour patter you would like to achieve, I try to alternate the colours as I go to create a full and vibrant finish

Continuing to fill, although it is marked you may have to use your judgement to create the full, decadent feel.

Step Three.

Personalisation, this is entirely optional, but makes a glorious finishing touch.

Mark it with a water pen or air pen if you have one, or use tailors chalk or even a pencil!

A close up of the stem stitch I have used. Feel free to use any other stitch you prefer.

If you need to change direction and don't want to have large loops of thread behind your work, this is how I do it.

This is how you finish off, whether changing for more thread or to finish off completely.

Step Four.

I always like to use a blanket stitch to bring the pieces together. It gives a lovely finish, plus with the scalloped cute edge, you have a perfect stitch length guide.

Step Five.

Don't forget to stuff your egg! I use an orange stick to get right down and move it all around, but you can use a pencil, your fingers, paintbrush or whatever you like! Don't forget to leave a gap for the loop!

Don't worry if you need to finish off your thread, when blanket stitching here is how!

Step Six

Sewing the loop. You won't be able to do blanket stitching across the loop so I tend to do a running stitch, it will be hidden behind the sequins.

Step Seven.

Sewing the bow on, once you've finished this you're done!!

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