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Tips and Tricks for your Heart to Heart Kit

I hope you are all excited to start your next sequin adventure. I can honestly say this kit has made me so happy, you get to make something you get to keep a little for yourself and give a little to your love.

Firstly let's tackle french knots, a fiendish but satisfying stitch to master.

In order to do this on the sequins, you use the same technique, but place your sequin on your thread and do the knot and come back through the centre hole of the sequin

Stem Stitch on letters. The key to stem stitch is to make your stitches the same size.

The first video shows the technique for straight lines, I have done it on the M. The corner process applies to any corner.

This video shows the technique on a curved letter, and the crossbar of the e.

This next video shows how to stem stitch the outline of the heart

Here is how to finish your threads, this applies to any stitch technique

If you need any more help, I would recommend looking at my other posts on the other kits, which cover sequin techniques and blanket stitch.

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