Everlasting Eggnog Advocaat Sequin Hanging Ornament
  • Everlasting Eggnog Advocaat Sequin Hanging Ornament

    The most iconic of holiday drinks and the basis of the ever amazing Snowball cocktail is now here as a sequin heirloom ornament. Creamy yellow sequins in a variety of sizes are carefully handstitched to create a full, luxurious hanging ornament. The hand embroidered label adds the authentic touch.


    Measuring approximately 12cm by 3.5cm with an 11cm hanging loop.


    All stitched by hand onto wool felt with a polyester stuffing. While they may look like toys, these are not toys and should be treated as delicate objects, individual ornaments come in a cloth bag (1 per order) for storage.


    Please note the embellishment is on one side only


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