Letter Embroidery Kit
  • Letter Embroidery Kit

    Fancy learning a new skill? Want to make modern drop shadow letter patches? This mini kit contains all you need to get started, apart from a pair of scissors.

    Full instructions, templates, felt, thread a needle and pins you should be well on your way to creating patches or ornaments in a flash.


    The felt is from my wastage and each kit contains 4 squares, which is enough to do 4 letter patches or 2 ornaments, it is entirely up to you.

    The thread colours will vary, I am sorry but there is no way to choose the colours you prefer, but I will make sure they look good together and I will write the colour code on the card so you can order more if you want to.

    The Felt will be variations of cream, you will get the same colour in each kit, but this may vary across multiple kits

    All the embroidery floss is DMC and all the felt is 100% wool. Should you require a vegan alternative, please get in touch!



    Kit contains:

    2 colours of DMC Embroidery Floss

    1 Needle

    4 Pins

    1 Instruction Pack

    1 Letter Pack

    Tissue Paper

    4 Squares of Felt.

    If you have all the kit, the PDF is available here


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