The Double Strawberry Hair Clip
  • The Double Strawberry Hair Clip

    A double delight, two gloriously sparkly strawberries embroidered on a hair clip. 

    The two strawberries, one light red and one dark red look absolutely wonderful together.

    Perfect for summer picnics, parties and holding your hair partings!  Each one perfectly stitched by hand and sequinned one by one and stuffed with recycled plastic bottles!


    The hair clip measures 5.5cm and the strawberries measure approximately 3cm by 3cm each, they are slightly angled so there is a small part of the clip showing.


    I try very hard to make sure that everything is secure, but please be gentle! Please don't spray perfume, hair spray or other products on the clips.


    Each clip is lovingly handmade to order with a lead time of 2 weeks.


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