Gin Bottle Hair Clip,The Hattie
  • Gin Bottle Hair Clip,The Hattie

    Beautifully sparkling green Gin Bottle Hair Clip, named after one of my fave pals, Hattie, of the amazing Hattie McGill Embroidery

    To be honest this is the perfect clip to wear to some excellently socially distanced picnics and will forever answer, what are you drinking?!


    All hand stitched, hand embroidered and hand made. The clip measures apprximately 5.5 cm and the bottle embroidery 5.5cm by 2.5cm. I try really hard to make sure that no sequins come loose but please be gentle with it! Please don't spray it with perfume or hair spray!


    All clips are made to order and will take 2 weeks to ship.


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