Shop with heart! All our products are designed by Kate a London designer and produced by hand by her & a local team of artisans.

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Happy Customers


Such a beautifully made 'Love Train' patch! So unique I love it! Can't wait to have more of Kate's exquisite pieces.


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I have bought several items from Kate, patches and ornaments for myself and as gifts. They are all beautiful and very high quality. They bring a bit of sparkle and joy into my daily life. I also think it is really important to support independent businesses in a world of mass production and fast fashion I think it is easy to undervalue the skill and time it takes to make something beautiful and everything I have bought from Kate's shop has been beautiful and very skilfully made. 10/10 highly recommend x


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My daughter has just given me the Heinz Salad Cream jar you made - fabulous. I am looking to have a Heinz Tomato Ketchup bottle made for a friend of mines 60th Birthday present.  



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All our wonderful decorations come in either a grey branded dust bag or perfect letter box sized gift boxes.

Order one of our sets and you'll automatically get a gift box. If you want to make any of your order an extra special gift you can request one.

When looking after your order check out our Care & love page for tips to keep all your sparkles shining for longer.

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